The history & the future

Elan snowboards has been at the forefront of snowboard engineering and manufacturing since 1987. Over the past two decades have had global success selling products in 49 countries around the world.

Over the years Elan has produced boards for around 85% of the brands considered to be of a high quality and leaders in the industry. So it is fair to say that they are one of the, if not the most experienced manufactures around. In turn resulting in them creating quality products that meet the ever evolving and demanding expectations that our market places in order to always push the capabilities of riders.

Our mission is simple

We at elan Snowboards uk are all about  providing riders with premium equipment at an affordable price because we like you are riders. And like all riders we would prefer to spend the money on actually chasing that heavenly pow and  enjoying ourselves on the mountain, rather than over priced equipment. Helping riders enjoy the sport they love and get the quality they deserve at a price they deserve is of huge importance to us, From the core shredders out there pushing the sport, to first time riders just getting started elan provide exceptional products Because they believe that snowboarding should be fun for everyone!