Lake Tahoe, United States

Top Places To Snowboard

Here is a list of what we consider the top places to snowboard so if you are considering you next snowboarding holiday then perhaps this is worth a read.

Tignes, France

This resort basically has all that you requirement for a splendid snowboard trip. I’ve returned here on numerous occasions and never get exhausted of the monstrous region of territory and the silly nightlife. Extraordinary off-piste lines at the highest point of practically every lift. There are awesome fine bowls and, in spite of the revolting structures, the perspectives of the lake are really dazzling.

Remaining at the inviting visitors’ chalet, the Dragon Lodge is basic. The folks will demonstrate to you the best places to ride and gathering. Tignes’ nightlife is precisely what you need on a snowboard occasion: fantastically mushy however with a cool group. The ideal night starts with some Kwak brews in the St Jacques, trailed by the strong frosted margaritas in Daffy’s bistro, and after that some moving to Dire Straits in the Yorin bistro, by which time you ought to have worked yourself up for the crescendo – sliding over the sticky dancefloor of the enormous Blue Girl club.

top places to snowboard tignes, france


Lake Tahoe, United States

For occasion of a lifetime you go much better than with Lake Tahoe. With a few huge resorts spread around the lake there is a wonderful measure of territory to investigate. I recollect unlimited miles of close left, fine slants and hours of fun riding through the trees in Sierra, in addition to exciting steep, profound keeps running in Heavenly. It’s more about the boarding than the nightlife here, however the hip Block inn is well known with expert riders.


 top places to snowboard Lake Tahoe, United States


St Anton, Austria

Oh. My. God. You have to go full throttle at a boarding holiday in St Anton. It’s the only way to experience it to the max. It might not have a very snowboardery vibe, but if you want somewhere with stacks of accesible, mind-blowing off-piste, you’ll have a lot of fun. Head to the top of the Valluga lift for amazing views and challenging riding, and to the Rendl area, where the slouchy boarders hang out, for a decent park and good freeriding when there’s powder.

You’ll need to drink a lot to get into the spirit of the après-ski in infamous slopeside bars such as the Krazy Kangaroo. But they can be fun if you embrace the jolly atmosphere created when posh Brits meet big beery Germans.

top places to snowboard st anton austria


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