Hi all,

Elan snowboards are all about providing premium equipment at a not so premium price. We all know snowboarding holidays aren’t cheap but, they could be cheaper. Are you fed up of paying extortionate amounts for your equipment before you even hit the slopes, well we guess the answer is yes and so it should, people believe that in order to option quality a high price has to follow. We have been responsible over the past decade for producing 80% of the boards on the market and the chances are most of the boards you have ever ridden have been manufactured by us brands such as CAPITA, ROME, JONES, FORUM, DC and many more. Now this is where you are thinking why are you so cheap if you are responsible for all this, the answer is we have no middleman no extra link in the retail chain trying to get there chunk , thus meaning we can supply the goods to the end user at a price that will leave us both happy, you as a consumer as you haven’t had to break the bank to get hold of a quality item, ad us because we have heled you get on the slopes for less, and as we are selves are borders and know that the extra cash could come in use for an extra beer or two after a good days ride.

If this is something you are interested in we currently have a new year’s sale which means that all boards are UNDER £200



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