A mission to provide great snowboard performance

A mission to provide great snowboard performance

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Our online snowboard shop has a collection of snowboards that everyone no matter what there ability. All of our snowboards are hand finished and made with care as we are selves are snowboarders and know how important it is to have a reliable snowboard under your feet. For Generations Elan have been at the for front of snowboard pioneering and is one of the world’s largest producer of high-end snowboards and produces boards since 1987. After this Elan went on to do many Things that Where Of Great importance to the snowboard industry. First elan launched the nale snowboard brand in 1999, After which they released the Elan snowboards Brand , shortly after doing so The artec programme was initiated  ( artec snowboards ) . This was a huge turning point for the snowboard industry as technology that hadn’t been used started to get integrated to the artec boards making the lighter, faster, more flexible and increasing snowboard durability.

We were probably responsible for making your snowboard.

Over the past few decades Elan have been responsible for manufacturing snowboards for some of the mosts prestigious snowboard brands. This is something that many people dont know about but elan were responsible for making snowboards for  Capita , Arbor , Rome , Bataleon  Nitro , Lobster , Artec ,  Dinosaurs Will Die , Academy , Allian , and Amplid.

Buy providing snowboards for such a well respected group of companies has enabled Elan to hone there Manufacturing skill making them arguably one of the best snowboard manufactures in the world.

At Elan we supply nothing but high quality snowboards that can excel in what ever environment you put them through.


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